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19 Tips to Help You Build Stronger Bones

By August 4, 2016 No Comments

We’re Here to Help You Build Stronger Bones!

Last week, we started the conversation about Bone Strength and Osteoporosis, and gave some tips to help you to build bone strength – namely Diet, Exercise and Sunshine.

We’ve also had some heaps of responses to our One Minute Osteoporosis Risk test – and some of you have begun the journey to stronger bones through our Pilates or Gym sessions!

In this post, we’re going dive deeper and give you 19 great tips that you can do yourself to get you started on the path to building stronger bones.


These suggestions will all help to increase your calcium intake:

  1.  Dairy and soy products are calcium-rich. Aim for 3 serves per day.
  2.  Add a layer of spinach to your lasagne.
  3.  Make a fresh orange juice.
  4.  Choose Tahini as a dip and swap some of those crackers for broccoli florets.
  5.  Baked beans are a great breakfast alternative or add them to your taco filling or nachos.
  6.  Snack on almonds throughout the day or add some to your breakfast cereal.
  7.  Make a salmon salad for lunch or try a salmon, cream cheese and dill sandwich.
  8.  Add dried figs to your lunch box.
  9.  Make a fruit smoothie using strawberries, low fat yogurt and skim milk


Physio-supervised exercise is best! Your physiotherapist can provided targeted exercises to ensure that the exercises you are doing specifically improve bone strength.

You can also add these activities to your day to help increase bone density through exercise:

  1. Use the stairs instead of the lift.
  2.  Take a brisk walk to the shops and back. This is walking to increase your heart rate, you should be able to talk but not sing.
  3.  Break up that leisurely stroll…Walk with purpose for 10 minutes, then stroll, then walk briskly again.
  4.  Have a giggle with the kids and show them how to really dance.
  5.  Did you know that 2 x 10 minute sessions jogging will give you a better bone score than 1 x 30 minute session?


Vitamin D is really important in improving bone strength, and one of the best sources of Vitamin D is sunshine.

  1.  Take your Morning Tea break outside.
  2.  Have a break from the gym tonight. Get outside and exercise.
  3.  Don’t sit in the car and watch your kid’s sport. Cheer them on from the sideline.
  4.  Sitting behind glass, filters UV and affects Vitamin D production. You need to be outside.
  5.  Walk to work this morning.