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Back Pain is one of the most common conditions treated by Physiotherapists, and up to 80% of the population will experience back pain in their life. Recurrences are also common.

For 30% of back pain sufferers, it may lasting beyond 6-12 weeks, and disrupt many aspects of your life, including limitations in the ability to do activities of daily living, exercise, work and participate in social activities. This can be very scary, distressing and lead to anxiety or depressed mood for many. This is why back pain is the leading cause of disability. 

Don’t suffer in silence anymore, find out how you can get started on your road to recovery today!

What are the different types of back pain and what’s the best treatment for me?

  • Acute Back Pain: Brought on by an injury or a sudden movement. If your pain is acute, the key is to help you to get comfortable and moving as this helps with recovery. We will also help you identify the factors that caused the back pain and make a plan to prevent it in the future.
  • Acute on Chronic Back Pain: you may have had a history of problems with your back, and something has flared it up again!
  • Chronic or Persistent Back Pain: Ongoing back pain that lasts longer than 6-12 weeks. This condition can be influenced by a multitude of factors including genetics, sleep quality and stress. Our expert Physiotherapists will work out a plan with you to help you take control of your pain, help you manage flare ups and get you back to living the life you love, based on your goals. This long-term plan is the key to prevent back pain from recurring and stop it interfering in your life.  

These classifications help us better understand your low back pain, so we can determine your treatment. By providing the right treatment, our Physiotherapists can improve your back pain, even if you have had it for a very long time. 

How can Platinum Physio help me with my back pain?

Assessment of your Back Pain:

At Platinum Physio, we have leading Clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of back pain. The first and most important step for us is to take time to hear your story and pain experience in your own words. We want to know how your pain feels to you and how it impacts on all aspects of your life so we can help you get back to doing the things you like. We will also screen you to ensure your back pain isn’t caused by serious health problems.

Following this we will conduct a comprehensive examination. This will usually involve looking at where you hurt, your posture and spine and how you move, your ability to relax your back and core muscles, as well as screening for your strength and fitness. We may also check things like your sensation and reflexes and do tests to check if your nerves are sensitive.

Based on all this information we will then explain to you in simple language the factors that are contributing to your pain, and discuss the best treatment options available to you.

Our experienced and dedicated team of Physios are committed to providing you with the acute relief and ongoing treatment that you need to manage your back pain!

Treatment of Back Pain 

Physiotherapy is recommended by more GP’s and medical practitioners worldwide as the first line of best treatment.

Our Physiotherapy treatment may involve:

  • hands-on techniques: manual therapy treatments to relax you and get you moving – these may include specific mobilisations and soft tissue massage as well as dry needling. We offer these both in our treatment rooms and in our Hydrotherapy pool
  • coaching you in body relaxation and training you to restore relaxed spinal movement
  • helping you to get strong and confident with back care strategies and activity modification specifically tailored for you to easily implement at home and at work. We will help you safely pace your resumption to physical activity. Getting the right advice and professional guidance  in exercise prescription and progression is key to your recovery and for long term good back health. 

At Platinum Physio, our Physios are dedicated to your recovery with treatment options tailored individually for you:

  • 1:1 Physiotherapy Sessions: An individual session with one of our dedicated Physios is the best way to get personal care to help you get on top of your pain. These 30-60 minute sessions may combine manual therapy alongside a targeted exercise program tailored and progressed for you
  • 1:4 Clinical targeted exercise sessions: Platinum Physio’s supervised exercise and rehab sessions ensure you get the best of strength and conditioning, Pilates and flexibility exercises. These one hour sessions offer great value as your Physio guides and progresses your specific exercises, monitors your symptoms and provides ongoing back care education so you can gain confidence and get active and health to live the life you love!
  • Hydrotherapy: Our onsite hydrotherapy pool offers a fantastic opportunity to get your back relaxed and get you moving comfortably again! These sessions may also combine manual therapy, alongside a tailored and targeted hydro exercise program for you, which can provide a safe and gentler way to start exercising. We offer either 1:1 – 30 minute Physiotherapy treatments in the pool, 1:4 – 60 minute sessions or our 60 minute Hydro 4 Backs group is another great option to get moving!
  • Telehealth: We can assess and manage your back pain in the comfort and safety of your own home via video / phone consultations

At Platinum Physio we understand that the best way to manage back pain is to help you understand why you have pain, and get you back in control and moving so you can get back to being active and healthy to live the life you love.

Our experienced and dedicated team of Physios are committed to providing you with the acute relief and ongoing treatment that you need to manage your back pain!



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