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Back pain can really be such a debilitating condition and can limit you from doing what you love and enjoying an active lifestyle. It can often be a confusing process of where to seek help and find the answers you are looking for.

Our team at Platinum Physio understands this and is dedicated to answering your questions and working with you along your road to recovery!


Take a look at some of the common FAQs our patients often have about back pain.

Do I need to have an MRI if I have back pain?

A common misconception is that everyone who has back pain needs to have an MRI scan. You do NOT need to have an MRI prior to starting your Physio treatment at Platinum Physio.

Our team of experienced Physiotherapists are specifically trained to assess whether you will need an MRI and they will refer you, if required.

But won’t the MRI scan tell me if there’s something wrong with my back and guide my treatment?

For the majority of people with back pain, imaging of the back doesn’t change the course of treatment! There are a few things we may look for but studies have shown that most of the changes in our spine these scans pick up are perfectly normal, like disc bulges or joint arthritis, and are just as often seen on scans performed on people with no back pain!

So what does this mean?

This tells us that despite these changes being picked up on an MRI, they are unlikely to be related to the cause of your pain. In fact, these changes often start occurring from when we are in our early twenties and are a result of general wear and tear – like wrinkles which develop not just on our skin but in our joints!

Should I get a scan just to make sure nothing is wrong?

Not necessarily! In fact, recent studies have found that for most conditions, people who don’t have scans for their back pain, actually have significantly improved recovery and a more positive attitude to their back pain than those who had their back scanned! The best option initially, for assessment of your back is to see one of our skilled Physios who are best placed to assess when a scan is recommended. By focusing specifically on your symptoms and functional goals, our Physios will determine the best treatment and except in certain circumstances, this will be unlikely to change with the results of a scan.

My back’s sore- so shouldn’t I be resting?

Whilst some level of relative rest is appropriate in the initial few days after an acute back injury, our backs love to move and movement promotes the healing process! The common myth of “bed rest” for a sore back, has unfortunately caused many people to make their back pain worse.

Essentially, movement is key! Our Physios can help you to understand relative rest and how to pace back to activity. To find out how much movement you should be doing and what exercises are best for you, come and see one of our experienced Physios to get started on the right track today!


To find out more about back pain and what treatment is best for you, come and see one of our experienced Physios today! 




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