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Are you considering having surgery for an ACL injury or perhaps ongoing Osteoarthritis of your hip or knee? Before you make such a big decision, consider this: would you rather partake in an exercise program, manual therapy or have to undergo surgery to achieve the same results?

It sounds like a straightforward decision and it can be!

Recent research has found that patients who do have a joint injury, often have similar outcomes to those who undergo conservative treatments like Physio! This means that many of us could actually be avoiding surgery- taking the less invasive and more cost effective option of Physiotherapy!

Here are 5 ways that Physiotherapy can help you to avoid surgery:

  1. Consult a Physio! Our team at Platinum Physio are dedicated to providing you with the best treatment and care. We understand that considering surgery is a big decision and our Physios will conduct a thorough initial assessment of your current function and provide you with the appropriate advice tailored specifically to your condition.
  2. Targeted Exercise Program: After your initial assessment, one of our Physios will provide you with a tailored exercise program individualised to your needs. Take a look at our GLA:D program  for more information about a targeted 6 week program aimed at reducing the risk of requiring surgery for people with hip and knee osteoarthritis.
  3. Weight Loss and Management: Physios are highly trained health professionals who not only specialise in exercise, but are also experts in motivating you to be active! This includes finding ways to keep active that are suited to your lifestyle and monitoring any coexisting conditions you may have. Our team at Platinum Physio are dedicated to working with you to determine what things may be stopping you from keeping active and putting in place things that can make exercising easier! Additionally, Platinum Physio offers a multidisciplinary approach, with our APD Dieticians, passionate about working with you to tailor your plate and build your best you.
  4. Education and Self management: Another key specialty of Physiotherapy is making sure our patients understand their condition, have appropriate activity modifications to keep active and are kept informed with the most up to date research relating to their condition. The Platinum Physio team is also passionate about working with you to be able to self manage your condition and supporting you along the journey!
  5. Review and Monitor your Symptoms: Once you’re on the road to managing your symptoms and progressing with your treatment, it’s important to regularly check in with your Physio to make sure you’re on the right track and continuing on the most suitable path for your condition! Platinum Physio has multiple options including 1:1 consults and exercise groups that will allow you to received this constant feedback and monitoring of your symptoms, to ensure you are keeping active and living the life you love!

So before you rush into a decision to have surgery come and see one of our Physios today so they can assess your function and help you decide on the best course of action!



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