Free Balance Assessments throughout the month of July


Balance Retraining – The Key to Staying Active

You may be surprised to know that 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will have a fall. That means that you are likely to know someone who has had a fall, or is at risk of falling.

Fear of falling and balanced difficulties can really impact a persons life, but our Physiotherapists can help.

Throughout the month of July, Platinum Physio is offering free balance assessments  at both our Windsor and Brighton clinics.

Our Balance & Mobility sessions have limited places, so take advantage of this free balance assessment offer with one of our caring and experienced Platinum Physios before all places are filled.

Our popular Balance Retraining sessions help our clients to take control of and improve the quality of life by providing tailored balance challenges, strength and conditioning exercises, proven to assist in the prevention of falls.

Quick Tips and Facts to help you prevent falls

  1. One in 3 people aged over 65 years will fall each year – often with devastating consequences.
  2. Not going out is not the answer.
  3. Research shows that less physical activity increases your risk of falling.
  4. The key to improve your confidence is to start a safe, but challenging exercise program which progresses at the right pace and retrains your balance receptors (called proprioceptors). Our Platinum Physios are here to help.
  5. Exercise actually lessens your feeling of fatigue and improves the quality of your life while building and maintaining healthy bones and muscles. That way, if you do trip, your bones are stronger and less likely to fracture.
  6. The health of your eyes, ears and feet all have dramatic impact on your falls risk. Have a check up with your Podiatrist, Audiologist and Optometrist to see whether problems in these areas might be impacting your balance.

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Platinum Physio’s Brighton Manager, Adrienne Wright recounts: “I was recently asked to assess the balance of a lady following another hospital admission for a bad fall. She had been referred by her daughter to Platinum Physio for balance retraining and falls prevention. She had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. At the time, she was falling quite regularly, and this worried her family.

Following an initial in-depth balance assessment, I measured her balance reactions, identified her risk and the issues causing her falls. From this I was able to provide her with a tailored progressive balance retraining program. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease respond very well to the right sort of exercises which formed the basis of her particular program. She has since been coming in twice weekly for a group session, where she is able to progress her individual balance and mobility exercise program to improve her functional capacity. Her Parkinson’s symptoms have also improved, as has the strength of her legs. It has been 3 months since her last fall. She loves catching up regularly with others in the group while exercising safely. She is a lot more confident to go out for shopping trips and coffee dates with friends, both of which she had been missing terribly.”

If you, or someone you know is at risk of falls, just contact our clinic on 8554 0111, to organise a time for a free balance assessment at either our Windsor or Brighton clinic.



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