How Physiotherapy relieved Steph’s Headaches

By January 15, 2018 No Comments

Steph (not her real name) is a 28 year old admin worker who sits for long periods of time throughout the day. She came to see one of our fabulous physios as she began to experience headaches after sitting for more than ten minutes.

She tried a range of pain relief medications, which helped in the short term, but then her headaches became worse and worse throughout the rest of the day.

During a busy period at work, she attended Platinum Physio for advice and treatment, as her pain had increased, which was impacting on her concentration and productivity at work.

Through a combination of physio treatment and regular targeted exercises in Pilates, her pain almost vanished within a few weeks. Her physio was also able to speak to her manager at work and convinced them to invest in an appropriate desk and chair set up and ensure that she was taking frequent breaks within work hours.