Hip and Knee Hydrotherapy

Platinum Physio Windsor

We have a unique hydrotherapy group class that is run in a circuit style format with hands on therapy techniques to target your hip or knee problems.

Who may benefit?

Who may benefit?

Those who suffer from:

  • Hip or knee osteoarthritis
  • Before or after hip or knee arthroplasty
  • Before or after hip or knee arthroscopy
  • General hip or knee pain or stiffness

Why hydrotherapy?

  • Water based exercise has been found to reduce pain in the presence of osteoarthritis to a greater degree than land based exercise
  • Hydrotherapy improves function in the presence of hip or knee osteoarthritis
  • Hydrotherapy improves joint range of motion and relieves stiffness
  • Water based exercise reduce pressure on the joints

What is involved?


  • Group exercise component including warm up, cardiovascular exercise and strengthening
  • Circuit component with specifically targeted exercises
  • One to one therapist component using skilled hands on techniques


Cara is running this class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 noon






Level 1, 6-10 Chapel Street Windsor VIC 3181


2/643 Nepean Highway Brighton East VIC 3187


863 Glenhuntly Road Caulfield VIC 3162

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