Lymphoedema Awareness and World Lymphoedoema Day

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Living with a chronic condition isn’t easy, but the right advice, treatment and management for lymphoedema can often lessen the impact on everyday living.  The Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) strongly advocates early monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of lymphoedema, all of which should enable most people with lymphoedema to live well with the condition. 

World Lymphoedema Day is on 6 March. As we raise awareness of this condition, we are aware that lymphoedema still often goes undiagnosed for too long.  If medical professionals, and those at risk of lymphoedema, have a greater awareness of the potential signs and refer early to an accredited practitioner, the outcomes for our patients will improve.

See the support from around the world for World Lymphoedema Day introduced by actor Kathy Bates, who also has lymphoedema:

Gillian Buckley and Dani Feil are lymphoedema physiotherapists at Platinum Physio who have been working in the field of lymphoedema management for many years. Lymphoedema is a chronic condition that qualifies the patient for a Chronic Disease Management Plan. If the diagnosis of lymphoedema is confirmed, referral to an ALA Accredited Practitioner is recommended. Both Gillian Buckley and Dani Feil at Platinum Physio are ALA Accredited Practitioners. Gillian is also an APA Lymphoedema Physiotherapist.

About Lymphoedema (from ALA website 2022,

Lymphoedema is a chronic accumulation of protein rich fluid in any part of the body (limbs, trunk, breast, genitalia and head/neck). It is due to an imbalance between interstitial fluid production and transport of lymph fluids. Lymphoedema can be a life-long distressing and debilitating condition.

Causes of Lymphoedema

Any major damage to the lymphatic system causes a life-long risk of lymphoedema.

  1. Primary – due to a congenital malformation of the lymphatics
  2. Secondary – due to damage to lymph nodes (surgery/radiation), infection or trauma
  3. Mixed lymphoedema – combined with venous disease, immobility or lipoedema (abnormal deposition of fat tissue)

Please see the following link for more information about lymphoedema:

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