Oncology & Lymphoedema Physiotherapy now at Platinum Physio Brighton

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Introducing our new Physiotherapist, Gillian Buckley, who is now providing Lymphoedema and Oncology Physiotherapy at Platinum Physio Brighton.

She talks to us about these new services:

What exactly is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is caused by damage to the lymphatic system which results in swelling of body tissue. Frequently occurring in the arms and legs, Lymphoedema can also be present in the body, groin and head and neck regions. It may cause discomfort, reduced function, impaired mobility and recurrent infections.

Lymphoedema can be primary (congenital) or secondary, for example, to cancer or to cancer treatments or leg ulcers or trauma. The condition is progressive and, if untreated, permanent tissue changes can occur.

The long term effects of lymphoedema are more effectively managed if the condition is diagnosed and managed before chronic changes can occur. Early access to specialised Physiotherapy treatment prevents the more serious disabling aspects of Lymphoedema.”

What Lymphoedema treatment programs are available?

“The most important aspect of Lymphoedema treatment is education and advice about managing Lymphoedema. Physiotherapy treatment for Lymphoedema, includes manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging and low level laser therapy.

Other aspects of treatment include compression garment prescription, and Lymphoedema exercise programs.”

How do I reduce my risk of lymphoedema?

“Effectively reducing the risk of Lymphoedema involves three important components:

  • Screening for Lymphoedema before and following cancer surgery is the most important start.
  • Applying Bioimpedance Spectroscopy which measures your body’s cell mass and total body water improves patient care, particularly for individuals with wasting, obesity and for those receiving dialysis.
  • Research shows that Physiotherapy supervised exercise programs during and after cancer treatment significantly reduce the risk of developing Lymphoedema.”

When should I see an Oncology or cancer rehabilitation Physiotherapist?

“Oncology or cancer rehabilitation Physiotherapists are experts in restoring movement and function to people affected by cancer. There is strong evidence supporting rehabilitation and exercise not only help people physically but also emotionally and socially. Exercise can help manage some of the side effects of cancer treatment.

At Platinum Physio, our programs include individual exercise programs during cancer treatment, exercise rehabilitation programs once treatment has been completed and rehabilitation programs for patients managing some of the long term side effects of treatment.

Our Physiotherapy supervised exercises can be provided 1:1, in a 1:4 setting or bigger group setting using the Gym or Pilates equipment, or supervised water based exercise is provided in our magnificent Hydrotherapy Pool.

Together with the Platinum Physio team, I look forward to helping you stay active and healthy to live the life you love!”



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