Should I See my Physio When I’m in Pain?


Misconceptions about when to avoid Physiotherapy

As physiotherapists, we spend years and years training to help people just like you who are in pain. Pain is often what brought you to see us in the first place, and we strongly believe that no person should have to put up with pain – particularly if we can help! Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is to just rest.

You may relate to the following common reasons that our patients decide to rest rather than to come in and seek treatment. If you are unsure as to whether we can help, just call up and ask to speak to one of our physiotherapists – we will always have someone on hand for you to speak with.

Some Common Reasons include:

Back Pain‘My back has flared up.’ It is very challenging to diagnose and treat an injury or ailment, if we cannot see you in person. Does sitting aggravate? Is standing worse? Difficulty getting comfortable in bed? These are all questions we will ask in your session, and help develop an assessment plan, within your pain limits. From here we can diagnose, treat, modify your program/ exercises, and give you the best possible advice to speed up your recovery, and prevent further injury.

‘I had a fall last week’ This is a tricky one, but as physiotherapists we are trained to assist people in falls prevention, and to help people post falls. Once major fractures have been excluded, it is perfectly safe to continue physiotherapy treatment. Your physiotherapist can give you education about swelling management, promote bruise healing through modalities such as ultrasound and gentle massage, and work through strategies to prevent falls in the future. Ybalance mobility - Should I See my Physio When I'm in Pain? - Platinum Physioou may be appropriate for our Balance and Mobility classes, which are designed to strengthen key muscle groups, and challenge your balance systems in a safe, supervised environment, in which case the session can be utilised to assess for the best class for you.

‘I can’t get in the pool.’ At Platinum Physio Brighton we are very fortunate to have access to an onsite hydrotherapy pool. There are many different reasons that one may be unable to get in the pool, but instead of cancelling all physiotherapy sessions, you may be appropriate to start land based exercises. Your physiotherapist can assist with this transition.

There is usually something different we can do to help!

At Platinum Physio we can assess and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries, in a variety of settings. Too sore for your Pilates class at Windsor? Book in for a treatment in our treatment rooms, or let your physiotherapist know prior to the session so they can modify the whole class to suit your needs. Daunted by getting onto a narrow treatment bed? Come to our Hydrotherapy pool for treatment in the water. Chances are that after talking to you therapist we can problem solve and offer alternatives to suit your needs.

So next time, try discussing your issue with one of our physiotherapists by call us on 8554 0111, before deciding to not attend your appointment.



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