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Did you know that Physiotherapy is recommended by more GP’s and medical practitioners worldwide than any other health profession!

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Physiotherapists are highly trained healthcare providers who specialise not only in exercise prescription, but in human movement and the way muscles work in the body. Not only this, but Physiotherapists have extensive training in understanding and treating Chronic Health conditions such as Diabetes, Obesity and Chronic pain, as well as specialised areas like Cancer, Women’s and Men’s health, Stroke and Neurological conditions and many more. This positions Physios, not only help you achieve your fitness and rehabilitation goals, but to assist with any barriers than may be stopping you from living an active life!

Did you know that less than half of Australians are achieving the minimum recommended physical activity levels?

Are you doing enough? And if not is something stopping you?

As well as specialising in exercise prescription and rehabilitation, Physios are also experts in motivating you to be active and managing any coexisting conditions you may have! This includes finding ways to keep active that are suited to your lifestyle. Our team at Platinum Physio are dedicated to working with you to determine what things may be stopping you from keeping active and putting in place things that can make exercising easier!

Couldn’t I just do my prescribed exercise program at home or at the gym?

Of course, once given a home exercise program, many people do continue independently with their exercises at home, which we encourage! However, the benefits of regularly seeing your Physio to progress your exercises and monitor your symptoms have been well documented in recent research. It is often reported that patients who are supervised by their Physio whilst performing exercises, end up with much better treatment outcomes! So why not try some of our many options for Physiotherapy Supervised Exercise Groups today!

What options does Platinum Physio offer for Physio Supervised Exercise?

  1. 1:1 Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy: Start your Physio supervised exercises with 1:1 individualised sessions with one of our experienced Physios! Your Physio will design an exercise program, whilst monitoring your progress and providing hands on feedback and education tailored specifically to you!
  2. Hydrotherapy Exercise groups: a great way to get started with our Physio supervised exercises in our onsite hydrotherapy pool. These groups incorporate strength, cardio and flexibility and are designed to cater for all fitness levels!
  3. Gym Strength and Conditioning groups: Our Physio supervised groups offer the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourself with the gym within a safe environment! These groups provide the opportunity to exercise alongside others in a fun and motivating environment, whilst being monitored by our Physios, who will make sure your experience is tailored to your needs and goals!
  4. Pilates Groups: Our Platinum Physio Supervised Pilates is suitable for any age and fitness level and no prior experience with Pilates or the gym is required. Our highly experienced Physios are armed with an extensive repertoire of exercises to help you achieve you health and fitness goals!
  5. Balance and Mobility Groups: These groups allow you to exercise and challenge your balance in a safe environment, with the added benefit of being supervised by our highly experienced Physios. During these classes, you will focus on balance, strength, flexibility and endurance to keep you fit and active!




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