Physiotherapy and Chronic Pain

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Have you been suffering from ongoing pain? Do you feel like nothing is working and no one really understands what you’re going through? Are you relying on medications to manage your pain?

Chronic Pain has been a bit of a taboo topic in the biomedical world and can often cause patients to feel like their pain is not well understood and can leave you feeling vulnerable and alone. Physiotherapy has been at the forefront of chronic pain research and some of the best results seen for patients with chronic pain have been as a result of Physio intervention! In fact, recent research has found that Physios can help teach patients how to steer away from addictive pain medications, which can often lead to long term unwanted side effects. This is exciting news for both our patients and for Physiotherapy! Our team at Platinum Physio is dedicated to providing you with the understanding, expertise and treatment you deserve to start getting on top of your pain today!

How can Platinum Physio help me with my Chronic Pain?

Our experienced Physios will see you for an initial assessment, which will incorporate aspects of:

  • Assessment: A thorough physical assessment will be conducted as well as a history of your experience with chronic pain in order to gain a full understanding of your pain. This assessment will be used to establish your functional baseline and understand what’s important for you to achieve.
  • Pain Physiology and Education: Chronic Pain is a complex condition. The more you know about your pain, what causes it and what things can make it better/worse, the more in control you will be! Our experienced physiotherapists at Platinum Physio have extensive experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of chronic pain and are dedicated to educating you with the tools you need to be able to understand it as well!
  • Holistic model of healthcare: Due to the complex nature of chronic pain, it often requires input from many different health disciplines. At Platinum Physio we’re dedicated to providing you with best care from our Physios and with the options to refer to different health disciplines should you require this for you ongoing management.
  • Exercise Program: It can often be daunting to take the first steps to get back into activity, having lived with chronic pain. Our experienced Physios understand this and will work with you to pace your activities at speed comfortable to you to start this journey. Goal setting is another important aspect of chronic pain rehabilitation and our Physios will work in collaboration with you to set short and long term goals for you to work towards along this journey. Platinum Physio offers a range of services and facilities to start your program, with the hydrotherapy pool being a favourite to start getting back into gentle activity, and has been shown to have great outcomes for our patients with chronic pain.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more of and you are keen to take control of your pain today, come and see one of our wonderful Physios who are passionate about your recovery!



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