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Physical activity can provide many benefits for people living with Alzheimer’s at all stages of the condition. No matter what stage of Alzheimer’s you or a loved one may be experiencing, we believe that everyone deserves to have the best quality of life they can have.

Physiotherapy focuses on improving and maintaining an Alzheimer’s patient’s mobility, independence and dignity and competence to complete daily activities, whether this be at home or within a care facility.

How is Physiotherapy involved in Alzheimer’s Management?

  1. Designing an Exercise Program: Physiotherapists are well positioned to design an exercise program that will take your loved one’s current health and abilities into account. Our experienced Physios at Platinum are dedicated to helping our patients living with Alzheimer’s to maintain their independence and live their life to the full!
  2. Managing and Treating Pain: It can often be difficult to understand if and where a person with Alzheimer’s may be experiencing pain, as it can often be difficult for them to articulate themselves. Our Physios are trained in identifying and treating pain, in addition to providing the advice and education that family and carers may seek.
  3. Management of other health conditions: Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who are experienced in managing patients who may have co-existing health conditions in combination with Alzheimer’s. This is an important concept for our Team at Platinum Physio, as it allows you or your loved one to continue to remain active under the care of an B Pic 6 - Physiotherapy and Exercise for Alzheimer's - Platinum Physioexperienced health professional.
  4. Supporting family and friends: Our Physios also work closely with the family members, friends and carers of our patients with Alzheimer’s, in order to keep your loved one active and independent for as long as possible and provide the additional support you may need. Our Physios can provide your loved one with an individualised exercise program to complete at home or under a Physio’s supervision, as well as ongoing advice and education tailored to your loved ones condition.  
  5. Management and reduction of falls risks: People living with Alzheimer’s are at a much greater risk of falls due to the cognitive impairments associated with the condition. Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in preventing falls and the Team at Platinum Physio is dedicated to improving the function, strength and balance of Alzheimer’s patients, in order to reduce your loved ones risk of falling.

Our Team at Platinum Physio is dedicated and experienced in caring for and treating patients with Alzheimer’s. So if you or a loved one is living with Alzheimers, book in today to see one of our Physios and get started on your journey today to live the life you love!



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