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Did you know that one in four people will experience poor Mental Health at some point in their lives?

The recent decade has seen the conversation surrounding mental health increase dramatically and with this, has prompted the question of what we can be doing to promote positive mental wellbeing and how we can improve poor Mental Health. One of these key treatment options is physical activity.

There are so many positive benefits of physical activity for our Mental Health including:

  • Improved physical well being
  • Improved sleep patterns and cycle
  • Improvements in self esteem, independence and confidence
  • Improvements in mood
  • Promotion of positive Mental Health
  • Reduced reliance on medications
  • Improvements in energy levels and motivation during the day

So you may ask how Physiotherapy can contribute to improving Mental Health?

Promotion of Physical Activity:
Sedentary individuals are at greater risk of developing Mental Health issues than those who are active.
The first role of Physiotherapists in the scope of Mental Health treatment lies in its prevention. Not only has it been shown that those who inactive are at greater risk of developing Mental Health problems, but so are people who suffer from chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes and obesity.
Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who specialise in prescribing exercise and educating people with chronic conditions to help them stay fit and active. The Team at Platinum Physio are experienced in helping patients with chronic health conditions and are dedicated to working with you to maintain positive mental wellbeing and achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.


Holistic Approach to Exercise:
Motivation can often be lacking for those experiencing mental health difficulties. Physiotherapists are trained to consider the social, environmental and psychological factors that contribute to our health. They are therefore well positioned to promote the benefits of exercise and prescribe an appropriate exercise program for those experiencing mental health problems. Part of the role of a Physio, includes helping people to identify and overcome any barriers that may exist to participating in physical activity and working with you to find a way to exercise that suits you!


Please Note: Although Physiotherapists definitely have a role to play in Mental Health Treatment, they are not counsellors, so we do recommend seeing a Psychologist or Counsellor in combination with regular exercise. If you feel like Physical Activity may be one of the barriers stopping you from improving your Mental Health and wellbeing, the Platinum Physio team are ready and willing to help you on this journey today- so book in now!



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