Get back to living that active and healthy life you love!

At Platinum Physio, we believe that you shouldn’t let anything stop you from living your most active and healthy life! Our Women’s Health physiotherapists are here to help you to manage pain, incontinence and help you to keep living the active life you love!

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Your body undergoes significant changes both throughout and beyond pregnancy. It is important to seek expert help at this time, and at Platinum Physio you will get personalised care that helps you to meet your healthcare and fitness goals. Whether it be managing incontinence, weak pelvic floor, or aches and pains, your Platinum Physiotherapist can help!

Don’t let anything get in the way of living the active and healthy life you love!

With clinics located in Windsor, Brighton and Caulfield, your road to an improved quality of life is nearby. Our physiotherapists are trained to help you manage pain associated with pregnancy and post-partum, incontinence and Pelvic Floor instability.

Get back to living the active life you love…

For over 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of patients live a more active and happy life. Our Physiotherapists love to help you achieve your healthcare goals throughout the many stages of your life, including:

  • Throughout pregnancy
  • After birth
  • Helping to manage pelvic instability and incontinence at any stage
  • Throughout your pregnancy your body changes,  and your physiotherapist can help to relieve your pain, help to manage incontinence and pelvic floor issues, as well as to strengthen your body to prevent pain from occurring.
  • Post Natal Care –  It is common to experience incontinence and pelvic floor issues, as well as pain and discomfort in the ‘4th trimester’. Your physiotherapist can help!
  • Your Physiotherapist is able to accurately assess your Pelvic Floor function and strength at any stage of life, to ensure optimal and safe return to exercise, sports and recreational activities.
  • Pelvic floor muscle training under the guidance of a physiotherapist is recognised as an effective treatment for management of bladder leakage, pelvic and sexual pain, pelvic surgery and incontinence.
  • It is important to keep moving both before and after pregnancy, and our group exercise sessions are designed to ensure you have individualised and personalised care in a group setting.
  • Our Physiotherapists have the expertise and experience to ensure that you exercise safely to both prevent pregnancy-related injuries and improve your overall well being.
  • Improving posture, strength and muscle conditioning with our unique approach to Clinical Pilates
  • Providing expert guided exercise to help you build a healthy happy body for the long-term in our large, fully equipped gym

“For the last 30 years it’s been my privilege to help thousands of clients move better and dramatically improve their quality of life. I'm proud to say that Platinum Physio has built a reputation as one of the premier physiotherapy clinics in Melbourne. Our unique approach combining hands on treatments with individualised, supervised exercise truly produces outstanding results. If you experience pain, we can help.”

Lilly KochenFounder, Platinum Physio

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With 12 clinicians across three sites, we’re one of the largest, most respected Physiotherapy teams in Melbourne.

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