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Welcoming Platinum Physio’s new state-of-the-art strength testing equipment – the AxIT system.

The AxIT system is technology designed to objectively measure, track and monitor the strength, performance and progress of our clients. This allows us to measure:

  • Baseline strength and power
  • Imbalances of muscles and movement patterns
  • Progression and improvement over time

The testing is easy to perform and can be modified to suit your needs; from a short assessment looking at a specific area such as in injury recovery; or an extensive assessment looking at global strength/sport specific requirements throughout the body. 

This July 2022 at Platinum Physio we are running our own 4 week AxIT Pushup Challenge

How will it work?

Team members and clients will take a quick push up assessment on the AxIT system. The results will show your:

  • weight distribution through both arms
  • your rate of force development (your pushing power)
  • your total force in kilos (your pushing strength)


Participants will set themselves a daily pushup goal. It can be any number! But it must also be realistic so that the goal is achievable. Then, participants will write their name and their daily pushup goal on our clinic mirrors so everyone can help keep each other accountable. 

At the 4 week mark, participants will re-measure their pushup using the AxIT and we can compare the results to the initial results to see any improvements.

What is the benefit of completing a push up challenge?

There are many benefits of incorporating regular push ups into your exercise regime including:

  • Improves functional strength particularly in the upper limb
  • Contributes to core stability
  • Improves posture and supports healthy aging
  • Increases cardiovascular capacity
  • Helps to prevent lower back injury

So, join us! And let’s see how many pushups you can complete this July.



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