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At Platinum Physio we are passionate about providing a combination of hands on therapy & strength and conditioning to assist runners in achieving their goals and staying injury free.

Have you had?
 – Bone soreness E.g. shin splints.
 – Soft tissue injury. E.g. muscle strain
 – Tendon injury

How can Platinum help?
 – Running Ax.
 – Movement screening.
 – Targeted strength training.
 – Return to running advice and guidance.
 – Management of acute symptoms through hands on treatment.

Benefits of strength for running?

  • Improves intramuscular coordination. The ability of the nervous system to recruit the correct type of muscle fibre for the job.
  • Improves intermuscular coordination. The nervous system gets much better at switching on muscles that are needed for movement and stabilization at the appropriate time.
  • Improves force generating abilities. Enhances the ability of someone to generate force against the ground. Result in longer strides and therefore faster running speeds.
  • Improve running technique. Reduces the cost of running by reducing unnecessary muscular contractions.
  • Using your tendons more appropriately (plyometric training will provide greatest improvement). Energy is stored and returned rapidly through a process called stretch shortening cycle. Tendons don’t produce waste products unlike the muscular system.
  • Reduce injury risk. Poor movement control, muscular imbalances, restricted ROM and lack of strength can all lead to injuries.

Purpose of movement screening
 – Identify how well you can execute a set of fundamental movement patterns.
 – Determine ability to execute movements that are integral for running.
 – Determine risk profile (risk of getting injured).

What’s involved in strength training for runners?
 – Mobility
 – Balance
 – Plyometrics
 – Power
 – Unilateral strength training.
 – Core strength.

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