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Have you been suffering from a longstanding tendon injury that is just not getting better?

Image91 - Tendon Injuries and Shockwave Therapy - Platinum PhysioTendon injuries are often much harder to treat than many other musculoskeletal injuries and its important that you are receiving the advice of an experienced Physiotherapist to ensure you have the best chance of recovery! Our team of Physios are highly experienced in Tendinopathy treatment and rehabilitation and use the most recent evidence based treatment to ensure you are receiving the best outcomes and getting back to living your life!

Why do tendon injuries occur?

Our tendons are designed to absorb the heavy load that is taken through our bones and muscles, they provide us with that high intensity energy we need for things like running and jumping! However, sometimes things can go wrong and the tendon has either experienced too much or not enough load, which can lead to problems resulting in injury.

Depending on your lifestyle and circumstances, your tendon injury may have been brought on by a number of things, from ill fitting footwear and poor exercise technique to things like your gender and hormones! Come and see one of our Physios today to understand why your Tendinopathy may have happened and what you can do to start your recovery!

How can Platinum Physio help me with my tendon injury?

Our team at Platinum Physio are dedicated to your recovery. From your Initial Assessment you can expect:

  1. Assessment: A thorough subjective and physical assessment to understand your pain, what’s going on with your injury and determine factors that may have contributed to your injury.
  2. Advice and Education: Your Physio will provide you with the activity modifications, advice and education you need to deal with your tendon injury and will work in collaboration with you to tailor your treatment to your lifestyle and to your goals.
  3. Treatment Plan and Exercise Program:
    • Exercise Program: One of our experienced Physios will provide you with an individualised exercise program tailored to target your Tendinopathy and start your rehabilitation journey today. You can undergo these exercises as a home exercise program and within our state of the art gym under the supervision of our Physios, who will progress you as able and monitor your symptoms.
    • Manual Hands on Therapy: Part of your treatment may involve hands on therapy provided by our physiotherapists in order to provide the best outcomes for your rehabilitation.
    • Shockwave Treatment: Shockwave therapy provides relief for ongoing conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles/ Gluteal Tendinopathies and Tennis/Golfers Elbow. Platinum Physio has the latest shockwave technology of the Swiss Dolorclast Machine. Shockwave therapy works by emitting high pressured acoustic shock waves that travel through the skin to stimulate pain relief and promote tissue repair.

To find out more about how you could benefit from Shockwave treatment, book in to see one of our experienced Physios!



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