Vertigo: BPPV explained

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Do you suffer from dizzy spells? Does it feel like you or your environment is moving or the room is spinning? If this sounds like something you’re experiencing then the Platinum Physio team is ready to assess and help you today!

These symptoms indicate a type of Vertigo that is commonly known as BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (a bit of a mouthful!). But what this basically means is you may be experiencing a condition that comes and goes, it is not life threatening and is often related to the position of your head compared to your body and to gravity.

What causes Vertigo/BPPV?

We know that BPPV is often caused by an imbalance in the vestibular system- particularly within the crystals that are located in the ear canals. The tiny crystals or particles within your inner ear system can become dislodged and cause lots of problems with your balance, creating these feelings of dizziness and nausea.

How can Platinum Physio help me with BPPV?

Our team at Platinum Physio, consists of highly trained physiotherapists who specialise in BPPV assessment and treatment! Your initial assessment with one of our experienced Physios will include:

  • Initial Assessment: A thorough vestibular assessment to determine your baseline and whether BPPV is the main cause of your symptoms.
  • Develop a Treatment Plan: Your Physio will determine what is likely to be causing your symptoms and outline the best treatment options for you. The available treatment options include:
    • Particle Repositioning Manoeuvres: You may have heard of these repositioning manoeuvres, which are designed to reposition these dislodged particles in your ears and often have great outcomes to relieve symptoms for patients. These manoeuvres are required to be performed by highly trained specialists, such as one of our Physios, who will guide you as to whether this is the best treatment option for you!
    • Home Exercise Program: BPPV often requires a vestibular rehabilitation program, designed to work on the areas that may need to be retrained! This is often quite difficult to picture when thinking of your inner ear system, but if you think of it like a muscle that has become deconditioned over time, this can help to visualise this concept!
  • Advice and Education: You can always expect advice and education tailored to you and your lifestyle from the Platinum Physio team, in order to see the best outcomes! Depending on what the Physio finds on your assessment, they will make sure to suggest any activity modifications that may be appropriate, as well as answering any questions you may have surrounding this condition or your treatment!

The team at Platinum Physio understands how debilitating BPPV can be- it can stop you from doing many of the things that you enjoy and can cause feelings of anxiety and helplessness.

We are here to help, and BPPV happens to be a condition that is very amenable to Physiotherapy treatment and can have great outcomes for our patients! Even if you’re not 100% sure that these symptoms fit what you are experiencing, there are many other causes of dizziness that the Platinum Physio team can assist with! Book in now to regain control and start living the life you love!