Clinical Yoga at Platinum Physio

Our Platinum Physiotherapists’ expertise in human movement provides them with the unique and holistic skills to prescribe yoga as an effective therapeutic intervention. Our yoga classes at Platinum Physio are designed to be a unique experience, tailored to each client’s individual needs.

A yoga practice at Platinum will lead you through

  • breathing techniques (pranayama)
  • physical postures (asana) &
  • meditation (dhyana)

to bring about a positive change in both your physical and mental state. The physical practice will include both sustained poses and dynamic movements to mobilise, stretch and strengthen your whole body, all the while focusing on your breath.

Perhaps the most important part is your relaxation, to rest and restore in stillness before continuing with your day ahead.

Who can practice clinical yoga at Platinum Physio?

Our Physiotherapists are passionate about yoga being accessible to anyone and everyone who wishes to practice. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga.

Some common conditions that can be modified for in yoga include:

  • Chronic low back or neck pain
  • Hip and knee osteoarthritis
  • Running or sporting injuries, notably ankle, knee and hip pain
  • Pre and post-natal

Clinical Yoga at Platinum is for you if:

  • You would like to try yoga for the first time
  • You have practiced yoga in the past and are seeking a more tailored approach
  • You are worried that you will cause yourself new or additional pain or injury
  • You are not sure if yoga is safe for your body type and/or a health condition
  • You perceive that your are “not good/ strong/ flexible enough” to practice in a public setting
  • You would like to compliment your existing exercise regime with more mindful and restorative movement

If you feel that you would benefit from an even more individualised practice, private yoga sessions are also available upon request

How do I start?

Whether you are new to Platinum, or have been with us for a month or year, we recommend you book in for a one-to-one initial yoga assessment. In this appointment, your Physiotherapist will learn more about any acute or chronic pain or conditions, and your experience to date with physical activity and yoga. You will learn about the key principles and poses of yoga, to ensure that you feel safe and supported in a group setting.