Platinum Physio Team

Rodney Grof

rodney-grofRod’s Platinum expertise
Rehab from surgery, Sports Injuries, Tendon Injuries, Back Pain & Headaches, repetitive strain injuries

Rod likes to utilise
Pilates and the gym, hands-on techniques, Shockwave Therapy, dry needling,

What you can expect if you see Rod
Rod is the Practice Principal at our Windsor clinic, and the man with the magic hands. He loves passing on high knowledge and expertise to patients, who always follow all of his instructions! He’ll combine in rooms treatments with exercises in the gym to deliver optimal outcomes for you, and you might even get some great healthy eating tips or find out the latest on the AFL, EPL or the F1.

Adrienne Wright

Adrienne’s Platinum expertise
Chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, back pain, headaches, hip, knee and spinal conditions, dizziness and vestibular conditions.

Adrienne likes to utilise
Education, Hands-on techniques and Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, Pilates, Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning, Hydrotherapy, GLA:D program

What you can expect if you see Adrienne
Adrienne is an APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, and is our go to for more challenging conditions and injuries. She will help you understand your injury and pain, and take you through a journey of self management and control. She is relentless with technique, but if you follow her instructions, you’ll not only feel better, you may even get the word on Melbourne’s hottest new eatery!

Gillian Buckley

Gillian’s Platinum expertise
Oncology Physiotherapy, Lymphoedema treatment

What you can expect if you see Gillian
We are blessed to have Gillian has part of the team at our Brighton clinic. Gillian has had many years of experience treating people with lymphoedema. She loves encouraging people to be physically active, an important part of living with lymphoedema. Gillian also has extensive experience in supporting the physical recovery after cancer treatment, especially after breast of gynecological cancer treatment.

Carlie Dean

Carlie DeanCarlie’s Platinum expertise
Back Pain, Recovery from Falls, Hip & Knee injuries, Vertigo and BPPV

Carlie likes to utilise
Dry Needling, Hydrotherapy, Hands-on Techniques, Pilates and the gym.

What you can expect if you see Carlie
Carlie’s extensive experience in the UK as well as Australian rural and metropolitan centres allows her to deliver outstanding results from her Physiotherapy treatments. Carlie loves to use our full facilities – the hydrotherapy pool, the gym and treatment rooms – to provide you with the best pathway to recovery and the highest quality care.. Available at both our Windsor and Brighton clinics, she is our dry-needling expert, but her passion lies in educating and empowering you to achieve your recovery, healthcare and fitness goals. Carlie is also happy to gloat about the Hawks if you’ll just give her the chance!

Tanisha Zerella

Tanisha’s Platinum expertise
Shoulder Pain, Hip and Knee Injuries, Sports Injuries, Back Pain.

Tanisha likes to utilise
Hands-on techniques, Dry Needling, Pilates & the Gym, Hydrotherapy

What you can expect if you see Tanisha:
Originally from Adelaide, Tanisha brings her strong sports physio background to Platinum Physio. Tanisha brings a personal and caring approach to her physiotherapy practice, and is passionate about working with you to achieve your healthcare goals and get you back to the active life you love! You can be sure to catch her in the gym – she loves to use an active approach to help you get great results.

Bronwyn Allan

Bronwyn’s Platinum expertise
Preparation for Surgery, Rehabilitation post surgery, pregnancy-related pain and strengthening, back and neck pain

Bronwyn likes to utilise
Pilates & the Gym, Hydrotherapy, Hands-on techniques, Dry Needling

What you can expect if you see Bronwyn
Bronwyn has a diverse physiotherapy experience, having began her career here in Melbourne, and then working for a number of years in the UK in London’s top hospital. She has strong experience in looking after pregnancy-related pain and in helping mothers to strengthen their bodies before and after birth. Bronwyn loves getting outdoors and has plenty of adventures to share with you!

Amber Bennett

Amber’s Platinum expertise
Knees and hips, Rehab from Surgery, Sports Injuries, Prevention of Falls

Amber likes to utilise
Hands-on techniques, Pilates & the Gym, Hydrotherapy

What you can expect if you see Amber:
Born and raised in Philadelphia, Amber is passionate about rehabing her clients and motivating them to live a more active lifestyle. Amber loves exploring the great outdoors, and loves to work with her patients in the gym and the pool to get them back to doing all of the things they love to do!

Elise Den (Dietitian)

Elise’s Platinum expertise

Elise has experience in managing all cancer types from diagnosis through to survivorship. She is passionate about using nutrition as a vital tool to help manage cancer related-side effects, optimise quality of life and overall outcomes.

 What you can expect if you see Elise
Elise operates out of all 3 clinics and is available most evenings. Elise also works for Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and co-found her business OnCore Nutrition. She is passionate about ensuring patients have access to specialist nutrition care to help rebuild their life through good nutrition, exercise and overall wellbeing. She’ll often show you photos and talk about her rescue dog Jethro if you are patient enough to listen.

Annette Zandberg (Podiatrist and Orthotist)

Annette’s Platinum expertise
Footcare across the lifespan, Diabetic Foot Health Assessments and Treatments

What you can expect if you see Annette
Annette operates out of our Brighton clinic on Wednesday and Friday, and is a very experienced Podiatrist and Orthotist. She provides a full range of podiatric services, from general nail and skin care, to neurovascular assessments and biomechanical and orthotic management.

Lilly Kochen


Lilly’s Platinum expertise
Combining Hydrotherapy exercise and hands on treatments; Surgical rehab and helping avoid surgery;  Cancer rehab including PINC & STEEL rehab

What you can expect if you see Lilly
Lilly is the Practice Principal at our Brighton clinic, and the founder of Platinum Physio and our active approach to health and wellbeing. She is passionate about helping people experience what a difference our treatments make, and has extensive experience helping improve the lives of people with complex and chronic conditions. Lilly loves to travel and spend time with her family – or better yet – combining the two.

Ben Erlich

Ben’s Platinum expertise
Sports Injuries, Surgery Rehab, Back Pain

Ben likes to utilise
Hands-on techniques, Dry Needling, Pilates and the gym, Hydrotherapy

What you can expect if you see Ben
Ben is a Senior Physio who works at our Brighton and Windsor clinics. With over 10 years of physiotherapy experience, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for keeping you as active as possible – no matter your injury or condition. He will help and motivate you to achieve your recovery, health and fitness goals, and if you ask nicely, will give you the recipe for running the perfect marathon!

Lizzy Sloan

Lizzy’s Platinum expertise
Rehab from surgery, recovery from falls, joint pain, vertigo and BPPV, Hip & knee injuries

Lizzy likes to utilise
Hydrotherapy, Pilates and the gym, hands-on techniques

What you can expect if you see Lizzy
Lizzy’s background is in rehab, having spent many years at the Epworth Hospital. She will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals, no matter how large or how small. Lizzy is a great listener who loves to collaborate with you and safely guide you through your rehabilitation, and can share some exciting stories from her hiking adventures!

Jarrod Sherwin

Jarrod’s Platinum expertise
Shoulder injuries, Sports Injuries, Back Pain & Headaches, Recovery from falls, BPPV & Vertigo

Jarrod likes to utilise
Pilates and the gym, hands-on techniques, Hydrothreapy, dry needling.

What you can expect if you see Jarrod
Don’t let Jarrod’s quiet and unassuming nature fool you, he is a lively and entertaining physio who will give you no choice but to enjoy your rehabilitation and recovery. Available at our Windsor or Brighton clinics, Jarrod’s background is in orthopaedic rehabilitation at Epworth Hospital, and he brings to our team a passionate and caring approach to keeping you active, healthy and happy. He also toils in the forward pocket for Melbourne High School Old Boys Football Club.

Shavonne Corteling

Shevonne2Shavonne’s Platinum expertise
Back Pain, Recovery from Falls, Surgery  Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation, Vertigo and  BPPV

 Shavonne likes to utilise
 Pilates and the Gym, Hands-on Techniques

 What you can expect if you see Shavonne
 You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who is more passionate about Pilates than Shavonne. With a broad range of experiences, having previously worked in both the hospital and aged care settings, Shavonne loves to keep people moving and to provide really functional exercises and help you to live a more active and happy life. Shavonne brings to the team an extensive repertoire – so she always has a new exercise to try out on you, and is super motivating – you won’t get away with anything under Shavonne’s watch!

Emily Nash

Emily’s Platinum expertise
Back Pain, Hip & Knee Injuries, Surgery Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation

Emily likes to utilise
Pilates and the Gym, Hands-on Techniques, Hydrotherapy

What you can expect if you see Emily:
Em is our caring and dedicated physio who will work closely with you to help get you better so you can stay active and healthy. With particular interest in both knee soreness and back pain, she draws on her experience working with a range of sporting teams in managing her clients, and believes in a collaborative and patient centred approach to ensure you can achieve your health goals, whatever they may be. A huge Bombers fan, Em loves to stay healthy herself, playing netball and touch football, and knows how important and active lifestyle is to personal wellness. Let Em help you on your journey to personal wellness too!

Lauren Atkins (Dietitian)

Lauren’s Platinum expertise

Lauren has particular expertise in the management of cancer and cancer-related effects and rebuilding healthy lifestyles following chronic health conditions. She works closely with our fab physios to help fast-track your gains by uniting your nutrition and exercise plans. Lauren is experienced in managing all nutritional concerns from infancy to older ages, with post-graduate training in paediatric nutrition.

 What you can expect if you see Lauren
Lauren operates out of all 3 clinics and is available most evenings. Lauren also works for Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, consults for Deakin University and co-found her business OnCore Nutrition. Her passion lies with empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to nurture yourself to find optimal health. And she’ll often try to brighten your day with a joke…whether you like it or not!

Louise Wren

(Lymphoedema Practitioner & Remedial Massage Therapist)

Louise’s Platinum expertise

Qualified in both the Dr Vodder Technique and Casley-Smith method of Lymphatic Drainage, Louise has over 25 years of experience in the massage industry and has been practising specifically as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) practitioner for over ten years.

 What you can expect if you see Louise
Louise has expertise in reduction of swelling, oedema and pain, which helps to increase flexibility and range of motion.  The most relaxing of all massages often resulting in clients falling asleep. Her expertise is in Lymphoedema treatment, lymphatic drainage and relaxation massage – all using manual lymphatic drainage massage.

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