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Unique Hands-on Treatments Combined With Guided Tailored Aquatic Exercise now in the spacious, warm water Hydrotherapy Pools at GESAC, Danny Frawley Center and Harold Holt.

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Hydrotherapy at Platinum Physio

At Platinum Physio, our expert aquatic physiotherapists are passionate about providing you with the benefits of Hydrotherapy. 

Why Hydrotherapy at Platinum Physio?

For over 30 years, we have been receiving referrals from all over Melbourne for the expert care and impact of our tailored, evidence based hydrotherapy treatments. Our success stems from our unique therapeutic approach which helps you stay active and healthy to live the life you love!

Our unique therapeutic approach provided by our expert aquatic physios combines: 

– Hands on therapy in the pool

– Individualised guided exercises combined with specialist education

– Specially designed equipment

– Optimising the special qualities of the near weightless warm water environment

for a more effective and nuanced rehabilitation which allows you to exercise safely and effectively throughout your recovery.

Movement in water is easier than on land and Platinum Physiotherapists are experts in utilising the properties of water to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Your Platinum Physiotherapist is in the water with you, and you don’t need to be able to swim. 

Our expert aquatic physiotherapists offer Hydrotherapy in a safe, friendly and relaxing atmosphere to:

– Relieve your pain and muscle spasm

– Improve your walking ability, walking pattern and posture 

– Improve your flexibility and ease of movement

– Improve your muscle strength and power

– Improve your balance, coordination and agility 

– Enhance your surgical preparation (pre-op) and recovery  

– Enhance your injury recovery

– Improve your cardiorespiratory fitness for safe aerobic exercise

– Improve your functional capacity and achieve your health goals

– Provide persistent pain management in a biopsychosocial framework with a uniquely active approach 

– Provide a fun way for you to achieve your recommended weekly levels of physical activity 

Our Personalised Approach: Your Platinum experience begins with a consultation and health and fitness goal-setting session. This is followed by your in-pool personalised Hydrotherapy session. This may involve hands-on therapeutic techniques and guided hydrotherapy exercises one-on-one. You may progress to a group. 

Venues: Platinum Physio is excited to announce that due to overwhelming demand we are now providing our unique and indivualised Hydrotherapy services in two venues. 

GESAC HYDROTHERAPY POOL: This spacious, easily accessible Hydrotherapy pool is separated by opaque glass from the rest of the centre. This facility also has spa and sauna facilities. 

Access: Ramp, Hoist and Ladder

Depth: from 1m to 1.6m 

Pool size: 200 square metres

DANNY FRAWLEY CENTRE HYDROTHERAPY POOL: This newly opened, smaller and quieter pool is ideal for our more relaxing aquatic physiotherapy and rehabilitation. 

Access: Ramp and Ladder

Depth: from 0.9m to 1.2m 

Pool Size: 120 square metres

Harold Holt: Conveniently located on High Street in Malvern, this shared environment allows for a great rehab experience.

Access: Ladder

Depth: from 0.9m to 1.2m 

Pool Size: 180 square metres

All three pools have all abilities access change rooms and private shower cubicles, pool windows providing natural light and roaming lifesavers. 

Check our timetable for available service times

Our expert Aquatic Physios

Our expert Aquatic Physios are passionate about combining the benefits of our unique Aquatic Physiotherapy services and approach with this fabulous facility to help you live the life you love!


Enhance your rehabilitation with hydrotherapy

Platinum Physio offers a unique approach to hydrotherapy, combining supervised exercise with a hands-on approach. Our physiotherapists use hands on techniques, in a similar vein to what you might have experienced in treatment rooms, and combine that with supervised exercise to give the best outcomes and help you stay active and healthy for life. We offer a range of hydrotherapy session types, including Hip & Knee Hydro, Hydro 4 Backs, and our General Hydrotherapy, which combines the individual hands on approach with group exercise to help build core strength, relieve muscle pain, or improve overall fitness. The warm water of the pool makes it both a relaxing and enjoyable environment to exercise in.


Platinum Physio is currently offering the following Hydrotherapy options:

Hydrotherapy| Platinum Physio


Who can do Hydrotherapy?

You don’t have to know how to swim to try Hydrotherapy. Our experienced Physios will orientate and guide you in the pool environment which offers the perfect way to safely enjoy the benefits of Hydrotherapy.

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We have been so keenly welcomed into GESAC, with our specialised equipment and approach, that we are extending our service offer to Mondays to Fridays, 8am – 7pm.


Top 5 benefits of Platinum Physio’s Hydrotherapy

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