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Correcting Poor Posture

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9 Steps to Correcting Your Posture

Correct Your Posture in Both Sitting and Standing Positions

We’ve outlined the key steps to correcting your posture in both sitting and standing position. This information is general in nature, and we recommend consulting with your physiotherapist regarding postural improvements, as each person’s case can be different.

Standing posture:

Correct posture should include

  1. Shoulders relaxed back and down
  2. Chin slightly tucked
  3. Small curve in lower back
  4. Weight spread evenly through both heels

Sitting posture:

As most of us spend many hours a day in a seated position, care needs to be taken when setting up our work space. Take the following into account when sitting at your desk:

  1. Feet flat on ground with even support from your chair under both thighs
  2. Back rest should feel comfortable and allow you to rest back against it without slumping
  3. Elbows should be off the edge of the desk so shoulders can relax back and down
  4. Elbows stay relatively tucked by our side; keyboard and mouse should be close enough so you can reach them without leaning forward.
  5. Screen should be at eye level to keep neck in a neutral position.

Regardless of the improvements made to your posture, it is really important to TAKE FREQUENT BREAKS from your desk to allow your muscles to MOVE. Your body was not designed to stay in the same position for an extended period of time, so keep moving throughout the day.

If you’d like specific advise about how you can improve your posture and alleviate aches and pains, call and speak to your physio on 8554 0111 or make an appointment today.