Your Safety is our Focus

While it is important to stay active and healthy, it is most important that you stay active and healthy in a way that meets the Department of Health recommendations about infection control and hygiene. All of our staff have completed training from the COVID-19 Infection Control Training for Health Professionals, and are certified by Hand Hygiene Australia. We are now offering a range of treatment options for you, to suit your needs and ensure you are able to stay active and healthy in this new COVID-19 world.

  • In Clinic  – you come into the clinic, which is being kept in pristine condition, including regular disinfecting of all equipment and limiting of numbers throughout the day. We are receiving direct advice and support from the Monash Medical Centre Fever Clinic as to how best to continue to manage the situation.
  • At Home – your physio will come to your home, and provide a combination of treatment, exercise and education for 30 minute. Longer, 60 minute sessions are also available. Strict pre-screening is conducted, and you have the option for masks and gloves to be worn.
  • Telehealth – Your physio conducts the session via smartphone.