Whole Body Vibration

Platinum Physio has been utilising the benefits of Whole Body Vibration for a few years at our Brighton clinic, and now also offers this technology at our Windsor clinic.

What is Whole Body Vibration?

Originally developed in the 1800’s, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that Whole Body Vibration became more well known when it started being used by Russian astronauts as a fast way of recovering from and preparing for extended periods of living in a zero gravity environment.

The effects of zero gravity, and even reduced gravity, have degenerative effects on muscle strength and mass, bone density, and the cardiovascular system. Whole body vibration works to increase the gravitational force going through the body, thus improving those systems. From the 2000’s onwards its use has become more widespread with elite sporting clubs, gyms and physiotherapy clinics.

The Hypervibe is the Vibration Machine used at both of our clinics and is essentially a vibrating platform on which you can do a wide variety of exercises, at a varying frequencies and amplitudes, to utilise the benefits of increasing the gravitational force going through the body.

Why use Whole Body Vibration?

You may be wondering how is this relevant to the bulk of us not planning on any outer space travel? A sedentary lifestyle is actually equivalent to a micro-gravity environment, having the same deleterious effects on muscle mass, bone density and the cardiovascular system. So if you are someone who spends the bulk of your day sitting, don’t do enough exercise or have low bone density, Whole Body Vibration may be ideal for you.

What are the benefits of Whole Body Vibration?

Regular use of Whole Body Vibration results in improvements in:

  • muscle strength, length, power and recover
  • bone strength
  • balance and proprioception
  • peripheral blood flow

Who can use Whole Body Vibration?

Studies have shown benefits for:

  • those with low bone density especially post menopausal – improves bone density and reduces risk of fracture
  • older populations – increases in balance and strengthening resulting in improvements in gait, coordination and overall quality of life
  • athletic populations – increased vertical leap with long term use
  • people with neurological conditions including multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, and those recovering function following a stroke – improved postural control

There are some people who may not be suitable for Whole Body Vibration, such as those who suffer sever migraines, are pregnant, have epilepsy, recent surgery or fractures, pacemakers, thrombosis or cancer.

How can I try out Whole Body Vibration?

Get in contact with us on 03 8554 0111 to find out more information and whether it is appropriate and would be beneficial for you to use. If you are a current client of Platinum Physio, talk to your physiotherapist to see if it is something you can add to your current program.



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