Hydrotherapy Healing – Back to Basics

Did you know that 80% of the population experience back pain at some stage in their life? This makes back pain one of the most prevalent health problems in our community today.

There are many reasons we feel pain in our backs, including poor posture, degenerative changes in the joints and discs, muscle weakness and inactivity to name just a few.

People often assume that pain is something they have to put up with, but this could not be further from the truth!

There are many treatments which have been proven ​to be ​effective in easing the symptoms of back pain. Our Physiotherapy treatments such as ​mobilisation​, soft tissue ​massage​ and​ dry needling offer immediate and effective relief. However, research has demonstrated that one treatment is superior to all others and is effective in treating and managing most types of back pain.

What is it, you ask? …..EXERCISE!

Exercises which specifically work to strengthen ​the​ deep​ or core​ ​muscles around the spine and keep the joints mobile are effective in reducing ​back ​pain.

You may have already experienced Platinum Physio’s supervised Pilates and felt an improve​ment in​ your posture and ​​​experienced ​how ​you move better and more easily.

A​s helpful as exercise is in tackling the issue, getting up and getting moving ​​when you are in pain​ ​isn’t always easy – especially​ when you don’t know where to start.
At Platinum Physio, we have a range of options to help you get​you back to moving well and our Physiotherapists are expertly qualified to recommend a​ ​treatment ​program that’s right for you.

Consider Hydro for Backs; a hydrotherapy ​session designed specifically for strengthening ​and mobilising ​the spine.

Movement in water is easier than on land because it allows you to exercise more comfortably and safely in a warm, relaxing environment.

Our Hydro for Backs incorporates the latest evidence in back rehabilitation, making it perfect for people with chronic back pain as well as those recovering from an episode of acute pain or spinal surgery.

With close Physiotherapy supervision to ensure correct technique, our Hydro for Backs session improves core strength and spinal flexibility to help you get moving without pain.

Please contact Platinum Physio on 8554 0111 to book an assessment and get started with Hydro for Backs, or to find out how you can use exercise to aid your recovery.



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