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Unfortunately, most people are no strangers to back pain. It is a common condition treated by physiotherapists with this condition impacting around 80% of people at some point in their life. For some it may last a matter of days but for others the impact can be long lasting. To better understand how back pain is managed, it is important to understand its different subgroups to identify the best course of management.

Acute back pain often refers to short term pain that is often caused by sudden injury to the muscles, ligaments, or other supporting structures around the back. For these injuries, a healing process occurs, and the pain is expected to subside. However, for some, this pain can lead to chronic discomfort. As such, chronic back pain is pain that persists for longer than three months and can occur in episodes. Often the exact cause of this pain cannot be pin pointed and are influenced by an array of factors that can be physical or non-physical in nature. This can include stress, sleep disruption, social life changes, financial challenges and so much more.


Our team at Platinum is experienced in diagnosing, treating, and managing your back pain. We will review your history, determine your function, and develop a personalised treatment plan that will help guide your road to recovery. After a thorough assessment of what may be contributing to your back pain, our physiotherapists are equipped with a multitude of treatment options to best suit you.

There are many ways we can use our treatment options to help you in your daily life. The good news is that there are small yet meaningful changes we can help you to make to reduce the recurrence of back pain.

Staying active during our physiotherapy sessions

At platinum we provide physiotherapy supervised exercise and rehabilitation sessions that encourage healthy movement and an opportunity to be active. Our bodies are designed to move, so whether it is walking, strength or Pilates-based exercises we can find the right exercise to keep you active. These sessions allow our experienced physios to monitor your symptoms, progress your exercises and provide ongoing care and support during your rehabilitation journey. Whether it’s being able to lift your groceries, walk around the block or anywhere in between, our physiotherapists are trained in finding the right pathway for you to keep moving.

Your work environment

We spend most of our day at work, so it is important that we optimise your work set up to support you and your health in the best way possible. We can work with you to apply strategies and equipment to ensure your desk or work set up is as ergonomically efficient as possible. Utilising options for a sit-to-stand desk can be a good way to keep your body moving but sometimes this is not always possible. Setting an alarm or dedicating times during your day to keep your body moving or changing body positions, whether that be a walk or stretches, is a good way to prevent the development of low back pain.


Our affiliation with nearby pools offer a great opportunity to help to get your back relaxed and moving in a comfortable way again. The warm water provides a way of performing activities that could not normally be achieved on land without persistent pain and discomfort. These sessions offer an array of treatment methods that are tailored to you and your rehabilitation pathway, including both exercise and hands on techniques.


If you or a loved one are or have been experiencing back pain, be sure to contact one of our friendly staff on 8554 0111. Our goal at Platinum is to help improve your quality of life and keep you active and healthy to live the life you love.



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