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Have you been considering trying Hydrotherapy as a gentler form of exercise to keep active? Or perhaps you have just had an injury and are wanting to start your rehabilitation?

It’s time to try Hydrotherapy!

Platinum Physio uniquely offers the perfect combination of aquatic and land based rehabilitation and exercise. The leadership of our founder and expert Aquatic Physiotherapist, Lilly Kochen, ensures that Platinum Physio’s Aquatic offering is unique and that the multitude of specialised Hydrotherapy treatments and services are evidence based and are tailored to your individual needs and health goals.

There are so many benefits of Hydrotherapy with Platinum Physio including:

  1. The warm water environment (34°) which allows your muscles to relax, allowing you to move more freely, whilst reducing pain and joint stiffness
  2. The safe, supported and near weightless environment that the pool offers, enables you to move more easily and comfortably than on land and ultimately giving you more freedom to move and progress.
  3. The water offers the opportunity to challenge your strength, balance, endurance and flexibility, to improve your fitness and to start your rehabilitation journey early.
  4. Our Aquatic Physiotherapy treatments have been researched and have been shown to be extremely effective for many conditions including: Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Diabetes and Persistent Pain. If you suffer from any of these chronic conditions, the water is the perfect environment
  5. The GESAC pool is perfectly maintained and accessible with all safety supports and well designed general as well as specially designed accessible change rooms.

Additionally, you don’t have to know how to swim to try Hydrotherapy. Our experienced Physios will orientate and guide you in the pool environment which offers the perfect way to safely enjoy the benefits of Hydrotherapy.

Platinum Physio has the following Hydrotherapy options available including:

  • 1:1 Hydrotherapy Treatments: Our Physios provide specialised 1:1 hands on manual treatment in the pool environment ,as well as prescribing a tailored exercise program designed for your needs. Working closely with one of our Physios offers the perfect opportunity to become familiar with the pool environment, monitor your symptoms and progress your exercise program as you are able!
  • 1:4 concurrent Hydrotherapy session:  For rehabilitation or ongoing issues, you may be ready to progress into a 60 minute session. Delivered in a 1:4 setting, your Physio will work closely with you developing a targeted exercise program and progressing you as you are able!

Click here to take a look at these group timetables that we offer at Platinum Physio!



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